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Thomson Celebration Review


Value for Money:
Children Friendly:


Review Details:
Reviewer Name: Jimmy Lauder
Date Of Birth 04/12/1971
Past Cruises: 2 cruises, Calypso in July Aegean wonders and Celebration last week red sea magic.
About Reviewer: Celebration
Destination: Jordan and Egypt Red Sea Magic
Reviewer Country: Galashiels
Sailling Date:
Ship: Celebration
Review Date: Jan 9, 2010
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Full Review:

Red Sea magic cruise, for New Year 2010. Ship and Staff wonderfull, food amazing, service unbeatable, drink prices as pubs U.K. would go all inclusive next time.
Casino great but difficult (arent they all?)
Ports of call...Aqaba In Jordan, stunning, Egypt all dumps, but you dont intend staying on the ship right????

WRONG! Did Petra just wonderfull, fantastic people and an amazing awe inspiring place. Great tour guide and good bus, nice lunch, well worth the 90 or so quid. Highly recommended as a must but dont believe this nonsense about a five minute walk to the ruins. Your thinking of the Treasury, thats what you want to see, well heres the truth.
Imagine 20 bus loads of people, thats about 800 in total, crammed into that gorge in 30 degrees heat in winter,all thinking thier five minutes from the ruins, which your told. Well you are five minutes from ruins but not the treasury. Try an hour.
If you want to see the City, youll be walking for about a total of two, maybe three hours. Can be claustrophobic and hot, very busy but very, very worth it.
Jordan and its people lovely, highly recommended. Steeped in history. You pass Wadi Rum on your way to Petra and the guide will tell you Moses was a shephard here and later on you see Arons tomb, Moses brother, on top of the highest peak. Its awesome and really good if you believe these kinds of stories.

Then we did the Pyramids and Tombs tour in Cairo.
HELL ON EARTH. Heres the TRUTH! Cairo is the biggest slum on Earth. When you get to the Pyramids you wont be left in peace to take them in. Locals diving all over you trying to sell junk, jumping infront of your camera asking for money making it damn near impossible to take a photo and dont expect help from the Police, bunch of corrupt gangsters who are even worse. Yes they were amazing, but the whole experience sickened me with Egypt and its people. Decent dinner in good hotel, good bus, I had a terrible guide named Heva, awfull woman who spent all the tour trying to sell TAT! Cartouche neclaces for 50 quid, papyrus junk etc, so be prepared. I spoke to other people who had good guides and this would have made a differance to me maybe, but after that day i cancelled my trip to Luxor and Valley of The Kings.
I hated everything about Egypt, the ports were horrible, most of the people also, but I understand that all of us feel we have to do it. Glad I did, but never ever again!

My advice to all people intending these trips is this, trust me it works. Buy packs of cigarettes and dish them out 1 at a time to people who hassle you and the nice ones too. I got a private tour of a tomb at the step pyramid, just for giving a fag to the gaurd. People will hassle you for a quid or a dollar to take your photo or let you take there photo, just ignore them, they will persist, then give them a cig and theyll thank you and leave.
Honestly, you would not believe what 1 cig can do, buy some use them.
Memphis was good, not much hassle but remember folks, your on the bus for about 14 hrs, you get 1 hr at step pyramid, 40 mins at pyramids , 20 mins at memphis and maybe 40 mins at sphinx fighting through thousands of people. Be ready.

My wife went to luxor and the valley and she told me that that was the best tour. Like stepping back in time, great tour, left alone but that had a lot to do with the guide, but she highly recommends it over Cairo.
Beautiful Hotel for lunch and awe inspiring sights. Hard walking, claustrophobic tombs but that has to be expected.

Now this may sound like one long moan but listen, it was a great holiday, im glad i did it just NEVER AGAIN!

Cruise Positives:
Celebration ship and crew magnificent! Jordan just wonderfull. All flights delayed by minimum of 2 hrs due to snow in UK but Thomsons kept us on ship and looked after us very well indeed.

Cruise Negatives:
Cairo and touts, poor tour guide, no time at sites due to distance from boats, recommended but maybe a bit pricey. Bars could be cheaper on boat, but the service makes up for it.