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Thomson Celebration Review


Value for Money:
Children Friendly:


Review Details:
Reviewer Name: Chris Parkes
Date Of Birth 16/02/1954
Past Cruises: 1
About Reviewer:
Destination: Mediteranean
Reviewer Country: uk
Sailling Date:
Ship: Celebration
Review Date: Jun 2, 2008
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Full Review:

Just back from a week aboard the Thomson Celebration and what can I say.................AWFUL ! !

We paid 147.00 to choose our deck and cabin (408) and upon returning at 23.45 on our first night we were met with a loud motor noise from the ceiling and a banging on the the outside. I phoned the reception who said the motor noise would stop as soon as we left port, which it did, but they had no idea what the banging was but they would send someone down. Guy came down, had no idea what it was, and he went back to reception. Phone rang, it was reception, said "You want to upgrade?" "No we want a room where we can sleep" "We can upgrade you but it will cost in between 70 & 100 each or we can move you to a lower deck inside cabin...but you will not get a refund....or could you sleep if we gave you some earplugs ! ! !"

Well, three solutions but all in Thomsons favour, what happened to the customer is always right.

We opted for a temporary room, thank heavens it was temporary, and said we would sort it out in the morning, it was now one twenty in the morning.

Following morning we waited our turn at reception, loads of people complaining, and still could not get a straight forward answer to how much an upgrade would cost. Asked for a key to check out the upgrade room and after saying yes we would have it as long as it was no more that 140....surprise surprise we were charged 140. No mention of refund for the 408 cabin but we were told that the noise is due to the stabilisers which they use when the sea is a bit rough, they had numerous complaints the week before about the noise. However, they had never had complaints before..........what NEVER ! !

Anyway we moved to the DELUXE cabin, queen size bed, bath, his and hers dressing gowns, bigger TV (even though some of the channels sounded as though Sylvester the cat was reporting, ssuffering ssuthatassssshhh, did not know there was so many ssss's in the English langauge. But before you get too excited, being on the promeande deck does mean you have to put up with smokers talking, laughing and coughing their lungs up most of the night. The ding ding of the lift makes you feel like an extra in the Pinball Wizard and the walls are so thin you don't really need your volume on if you want to watch the same programme as next door, least it did away with the hissing.
There again the conversations, not shouting, from both sides was so enthralling, not really, you did not need the TV. Just lie there on you queen size bed laughing at the accusation that a 70 year old man was being accused of pulling the women down by the self service cleaning are, listen to the 24 hour..7 days a week drone of the engines and vibration through the shell of the ship.

Go down to the show and listen to the group of girls heckling the comedian and nothing being done, "I can't do anything about it" was one reply. Great......

Try to sleep as the ship makes its way from one city to another, the bed moving so violently you think there is someone else in the room who is trying to flip you out of the bed.

There were fun times though, watching the old people making there way from room to room as though they had been drinking all day, walking like Thunderbird puppets. Swaying from side to side, people leaving more drinks in the bar than they were drinking, great fun.

Went on the Rome trip, 75.00 each, and barely heard a thing through the radio thing you had to wear. Seen the Pope, well I think it was him as he sped past at 50 mph or somewhere around that that speed. Went to the Colleseum, Trevi Fountain and al the other sights.......great.............seen pictures, Trevi Fountain..go to this pace to buy your stuff. Why it's 100% cheaper 20 yards away? Total waste of money.

Worst holiday I have ever had and never again..........thanks for nothing Thomson Celebration........wish I had stayed at home, total waste of 1500.00

Cruise Positives:
the Fillipino crew are outstanding, the entertainment people were great.

Cruise Negatives:
all the above plus the girl at reception who was more interested in taking my money than solving my problem. The fact that a couple in cabin 680 who had the same problems as we did, but put up with it, were given a refund of 98.00 I don\'t know